Dr. Davis helped me find peace within my pre-committed relationship. Working with him to understand my baseline relationship requirements has given me confidence to trust my own judgment. The action planning exercises he facilitated has improved my quality of life inside and outside of my relationship. — M.M. Orlando



Choosing a therapist can be a bit of a daunting task, you want to make sure you find the right one who can cope with your struggles. Dr. Leif Davis is without a doubt the person who can help you get back on the right track. He helped me through the most difficult time in my life – the adolescent years and helped guide me to a place where I was self-sufficient and thriving. I appreciate all the hard work we put in together to make my life a wonderful and pleasant journey again. — C.M. Orlando



When I first walked into Dr. Davis’ office my sense of inner self was deeply compromised. After long conversations, guided introspections and exercises, plus an enormous amount of patience from Dr. Davis’ part, I am a very different person today. Life did not get any easier, but I know I can handle it with confidence. Dr. Davis saw me through crucial crossroads’ moments of my life and, even though his professional standards are unquestionable, it was the the warm and caring friend I found in him that made the whole difference for me. I never felt like just-one-more-patient-on- the-schedule- for-the-day… Thank you for everything! — R.O. Kissimmee



When I first walked into Dr. Davis’ office I didn’t know what to expect and frankly I was a little scared of what was about to happen. After only a few minutes, he made me feel that I could trust him and my trepidation went away. He treated me like a normal person, even when some of the things I talked about did not feel normal to me. Even after the first session I felt as if things were starting to change. Our work together changed my life and my way of thinking about myself. — A.T. Winter Park