With my many years in the field I have come across many talented people that have developed tools and information to help individuals, families and couples. Here I have provided links to books, websites and other treatments which you may be interested in. Some very interesting people and powerful tools. 

Mental Help/Therapy

Another Session in Confession – A wonderful article from a woman who described her therapy experience from the inside and puts herself in the forefront of taking responsibility for her actions and doing the hard work of changing.
Mental Health Information – General information about all areas of mental health from experts to the layperson. This is a good place to start a search for more comprehensive information on all aspects of mental health.

 Intersting articles and general resouces for Mental Health and Psychology.

APA Website – Web site for the American Psychological Association. A resource for scientifically based researched articles and many resources on psychology and mental health.

Med Hunt – This is a good search engine for legitimate health and mental health information.
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies – At the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies website, many things can be accomplished. There are discussions about family, work, behavioral health, aging, and even training pets and animals. A very informative site!

Alternative Treatments

Thought Field Therapy – This therapy uses nature’s healing system to balance the bodies energy system and quickly eliminate negative emotions. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) provides a code to nature’s healing system. When applied to problems TFT addresses their fundamental causes, providing information in the form of a healing code, balancing the body’s energy system and allowing you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes and promote the body’s own healing ability.

EFT Universe –  The main website for emotional freedom technique. A form of energy psychology that is easily learned and used as a self help technique and an effective clinical tool. (energy psychology in all of it’s forms is considered an “experiemental” technique. While it is growing in popularity among clinicians and the general public, further empirical scientific evidence is needed to show it’s effectiveness. However I beleive it is useful and effective for many things- very effective with anxiety )

Gentle stress Relief – A light-hearted resource of stress relief guidance and tips – explains stress and its causes. Provides tips for instant stress relief as well as stress prevention, emotional stress reducers, lifestyle choices, herbs, exercise, nutrition and techniques. Emphasis on simple, cost effective, natural and drug free solutions that enhance health, wellness peace and happiness.
A Place for the Heart – A site dedicated to providing self help resources using the healing philosophy of Louise Hay. Provides free online meditation, problem page, guides for breathwork, meditation, visualisation and releasing techniques. Also has details of workshops and resources available.
 Kelee Spiritual Foundation – The Kelee meditation practice helps individuals find and release anxiety and fear. The Kelee Spiritual Foundation helps people to free themselves from the burdens of life through teaching the Kelee Meditation Practice. This Foundation supports environmental causes and the emotional side of individuals on the path of being sick and getting well.
Self Help Products – Try Dr. Jeanette’s holistic psychology, self help products, workshops and private trainings.
The “Contemplative Mind In Society” – The contemplative mind in society is dedicated to developing the contemplative mind. This means developing one’s ability to simply “be,” with awareness, openness and clarity – one may become more centered, peaceful, and confident. The personal transformations that often occur with regular contemplative practice, such as increased patience, compassion, and concentration, can play a part in the positive transformation of organizations, businesses, and other institutions. We are dedicated to the idea that contemplative awareness, when incorporated into contemporary life, can help produce a more just, compassionate, and reflective society.


Calm Clinic  – A nicely done website created by a former anxiety sufferer. Lots of articles and resources. “A website that organizes some of the most crucial information about how to heal anxiety and how to get help. It describes some techniques anxiety sufferers can try themselves and also discusses various other treatment choices.” (A quote Directly from one of the site authors)

Check out energy psychology above (TFT , EFT)- Great for anxiety.



Tim Brownson – The best and most experienced Life Coach that I know. Check out his really funny (and extensive) Blog at A Daring Adventure   and get lots of cool and valuable information about life and living it to the fullest! – This website has free life coaching, personal growth, and self help resources- articles, podcasts and tools for creating positive and long lasting lifestyle change.


Yeah Yeah Out Loud – Empowering kids to discover their inner leader.and build self esteem. The core of this that when the going gets tough, you are your own best leader and that the true leader lies within.

Amazon Links

I am a huge John Gottman fan. He is one of the most renowned relationship researcher of our time.

In his “relationship Lab” he has observed thousands of couple’s interactions and has written numerous books for the average person that explain, in easy to understand terms, what makes a successful relationship and what will cause relationship failure. He is an excellent writer too!