Having a Daily Routine

Having a Daily Routine

Having a Daily Routine

I was thinking about routine today. I believe that routine is very important for a happy life and a happy relationship. But routine can also be a problem in some cases if we can’t look past it to see what is really important.

In general, we are creatures of routine. It makes us feel safe and secure. Knowing what to expect reduces unnecessary worry and keeps us focused on the important things rather than being vigil about what dangers in the environment (like what animals want to eat us). So routine is part of being a happy human- at least for most of us. Most very healthy people have a good routine. Having a set routine is part of being disciplined and taking good care of yourself. Routine helps to make time for what is important rather than flailing about going from thing to thing.

Every morning, my dogs wake me up to take them out. If they don’t go out within a certain time frame, they are very frustrated and I hear about it.

I am generally the one who gets up early- every day, and takes them out. That in itself, is good for my marriage. My wife is a sleepy head and, even if she doesn’t say it, she appreciates my rising early to do the dog thing.

Even though I sometimes don’t like it, getting up to take out the dogs helps me. I get up on a schedule, I get some exercise right away, without even trying, and I make happy those who are important in my life.

On the other hand, routine can lead to taking for granted. In the case of your toothbrush, taking is for granted is a good thing. You know where it is and it is always where you know it to be. But we can also take for granted those important people in our lives. This is where being routined can be a serious detriment.

I knew a guy once who had a very solid, set routine, when he would get up, do his ablutions, go to work, come home- almost like clockwork- every day, seven days a week (with some adjustment for work schedule on the weekend). He was very disciplined.

He had a beautiful wife and to her surprise at the divorce hearing, he said he had no idea how he could live without her.

You see, she divorced him because he never told her how important she was to him. He never took the time to let her know that he spent a good portion of his day thinking about her and wishing he was with her. He was just so much a slave to his routine that he never deviated long enough to take care of business with his wife. (meaning taking care of her needs). He was a slave to his routine. Rather than using it as a tool for betterment of himself, he became an unconscious automaton- simply acting on his set program and reacting to the environment when necessary.

What I want to say is that we need to be more conscious in our life in general and particularly when it comes to relationships. We can’t ignore or make routine the needs of others- but we can make space for them in our routine.

Here is my advice: Get yourself into a set routine. Get up at the same time daily, do the stuff you need to do everyday with alacrity. Use routine to take good care of YOU. But also make it a habit to let the important people in your life know how important they are to you.


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