Pre-marital Counseling

You are planning to get married, but perhaps you have doubts.

Do you Wonder:

Am I in “LOVE enough?”

Do I really want to spend the rest of your life with this person?

Some of her behaviors bother me. Is this going to get worse?

Do we argue too much?

He doesn’t talk about his feeling enough- is this just the way it has to be?

She seems too interested in spending time with her friends- will I be left home alone after we are married?- Is she doing something she shouldn’t?

Maybe you just have some feelings that make you wonder “is this the right person?”

If you worry about these or other issues- or just don’t know if you want to take the “leap”, premarital counseling may be for you!

Premarital  Relationship Coaching/Counseling Can Help You:

1.  Know if you are doing the right thing by moving into marriage

2. Understand what goes into developing a healthy, loving, and open marriage.

3. Learn now the issues that will come up in the future so you are better prepared for them.

Premarital counseling can help couples work out difficulties that arise prior to marriage. Couples often have communication issues, problems with conflict resolution, and emotional wounds from current or past relationships that could interfere with your current relationship.

Premarital couple work is for couples who want to be sure that they are with the right person and are ready to make the big step toward a long term committed relationship.

Many people say they are “committed” when they are not- usually because one individual is hesitant but perhaps does not want to risk leaving because: what if this is the right person?

Sometime people move into marriage  because of family pressures, partner pressures, or just the thought that ” this is the right thing to do” or, I am getting too old, all my friends are married, I had better do it now or may never find someone.” So, they choose to move forward and marry when they are unsure.

In some marriages, one partner can have one foot out for years, until they end up leaving (it is so often a surprise to the other partner).

Premarital counseling can help you make sure you are doing the right thing by moving forward. Rather than falling in love, getting married, then dealing with the problems afterwards:

Find out now who you are marrying! 

Get clarity about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

Learn skills, tools, and concepts necessary for long-term relationship success.

Become empowered to consciously choose a relationship in alignment with your vision, requirements, and needs and to reject a relationship that is not in alignment with these.

Increase the likelihood of relationship success and decrease chances of future failure.


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