About this Blog

About this Blog

I am a psychologist and a relationship coach. Writing, for me, is a laborious thing- taking up too much time for the amount of written material produced- at least in my estimation. However, I have a passion for relationships. I love reading about them, speaking about them, helping my clients who are having trouble with them, so I decided that I might as well write about them. Blogging seemed a good way to get it out there.

My goal with this blog is to share my observations about relationships of the romantic type, Marriage, singles seeking love, and couples trying to make it work without marriage commitment between them.

I have been working with people having relationship problems for about 20 years, but of course I have been interested in relationships since birth, just as we all have an interest. We are interested in relationships because we are not designed to survive without other people. Baby sea turtles are designed to survive without any caretaking or guidance, at least some of them survive. Humans though, we can’t do that, and in my estimation, we can never do it, throughout our entire lifetime.

I don’t mean to say we can’t live for a short time, a few months or a few years (as adults) but if we are truly alone, we start to die. It is a very slow death and ultimately being alone may only shorten our life by a few years, but true happiness cannot be achieved without the intimacy and closeness of another human being. And as any existentialist will tell you, we die alone. But, up until the time of death we need others. And, (I now make a very bold statement) if we humans were really good at relationships, psychologists, counselors, and helping professional’s such as this would be OUT OF A JOB!

So, what I write about is, in my mind, the most important subject there is… And I feel very small in some way as I think about this. Can anyone really be so bold as to comment on life’s most important issue? Well, I guess I am. My love for the subject and my desire to change the world compels me to. I would like work my way out of a job! My dream is that some day the human race will have no need for therapists! (But I think we will always need coaches, who are experts in certain areas, for guidance, direction, and to hold one accountable.)

So with that, I launch my conscious relationships blog!



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