About Dr. Davis

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Dr Davis was awarded a masters degree in marriage and family therapy from Stetson University and he received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Argosy University in Chicago. He has experience working in numerous therapeutic settings as a clinician and clinical supervisor of other mental health professionals.

He has training in clinical hypnosis, child therapy, play therapy, family therapy, adolescent therapy and has extensive experience in marriage counseling. Dr. Davis is in private practice in Orlando, Florida where has worked with a wide variety of people for over twelve years. He has over 23 years of experience as psychotherapist and marriage counselor.

Now – the passion as a helping professional is being directed toward new areas of relationships – Relationship Coaching

All too often, couples come to counseling too late, after too much damage has been done.  All too many marriages end in divorce with devastating consequences. and even more frequently, cohabitating couples experience painful breakups.

Dr. Davis believes that one way to solve the high divorce rate is to make good choices before you are married. He has technology and expertise to help you make the right choices when it comes to finding your life partner, your soul mate if you will. Relationship Coaching can help single people find the relationship of their dreams so divorce never becomes a necessary option.

Relationship Coaching can help couples re-envision their passion and revitalize their intimate connection. Psychotherapy is for couples in trouble who need extra support and work from a committed clinician.

Dr. Davis offers workshops, teleseminars and coaching groups in the Orlando areas.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

25 Years Experience as a psychotherapist-
specializing in couple/marriage therapy
  • Couple and Individual Psychotherapy and Coaching
  • Family Therapy
  • Life Partner Coaching for Singles
  • Gay and Lesbian Issues