Being in a Mindful Marriage-Part 2: Doing

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The Mindful Marriage Vlog Post #2 Is there a lack of doing in your relationship?     Check out the Part 1- click...

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Love Rejuvenation: 3 Ways to Pump Up Your Relationship

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We can bring positive energy into the relationship and even amplify it. We, in a sense, have the volume control for the emotions in our relationship and if we get good at it, we can turn up or turn down the positive experience.

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Being in A Mindful Marriage-Part 3: Seeing

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The Mindful Marriage Video Blog Chapter- 1 Part 3- Seeing

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Being in a Mindful Marriage- Part 4: Being Curious

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The Mindful Marriage Vlog Are you curious about your partner or do you know everything about them?   To See Video #1 in this Chapter...

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The Mindful Marriage- The Warring Brain-part 1

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You Brain is Not Your Friend When it Comes to...

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