Premarital Counseling

relationship_rescue Learn what goes into developing a healthy loving marriage. Learn now, the issues that will come up in the future and prepare for them, so you can turn all your mountains into mole hills. Dr Davis can help bring clarity to your relationship before you get married!

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Relationship Coaching

relationship_rescue Coaching vs Counseling Coaching is a professional client-focused service where an individual or couple is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve goals with effective support, information, and guidance. Below are some of the differences between…

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Divorce Healing

relationship_rescue Divorce can have a devastating impact on families For over 20 years, Dr Davis has worked with individuals, couples, and families who are affected by divorce. He has seen the destructive effects that breakups can have and is dedicated to helping people develop…

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Individual Development

relationship_rescue people sometimes need extra help to get where they are going in life. Unfortunately, friends and family often don’t understand and individuals struggle and are not able to be truly effective agents of change. Dr. Davis has been working in the field of counseling…

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Left Right

Turn, Turn, Turn…

Many couples call for therapy with the presenting problem of “arguing”. Actually arguing or having heated discussions with your partner is not in itself always a huge problem. Some couples can really go at it, yelling and screaming and yet still have good solid marriages. Whether or not you argue is not the important thing. what is important is what you do after a fight.

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Resolving Conflicts in Relationships

Every relationship has conflicts. In some relationships, conflict is a serious problem; in others, differences seem to be resolved without creating a major incident. Think about the kinds of conflicts that happen in your daily life. These are typical:

  1. Disagreements over who should do what
  2. Disagreements over how things should be done
  3. Conflicts of personality and style
  4. arguments about how one partner treats the other

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Arguing with Your Spouse: The Emotional Hijacking

Do you argue with your spouse? Arguments are normal in a healthy relationship. Two people, different views on the world, different histories, and different experiences- are bound to argue at times. Arguments can be constructive. But in some circumstances, arguments can be destructive to your relationship leaving you depleted and devastated. These article discuses a type of arguing that leaves a trail of broken relationships in its wake. And, the fact is, that our brains natural functioning can actually work against our loving bonds.Our brains are much better suited to war than love. What is adaptive for survival and has helped keep us alive as a species, can, in some cases be deadly for our relationships.

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video_blog Leif Eriksen Davis -was born and raised in Central Florida, he is dedicated to helping people succeed in life and in their relationships. More

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